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Permaculture is a sustainable design system that provides for human needs while having positive effects on the surrounding environment.

It is based on the ethics of earth care, people care and fair share, and provides practical solutions to the global crises we are currently facing.

Permaculture is for EVERYONE, regardless of their education, background, or previous experience.

Permaculture is NOT just about trees, or just about gardening! You don't need loads of land to practice it and it's a design method that can be applied to all social systems.

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In the Kitchen: Bottling Elderflower Cordial



One thing we’re not short of at Casalinho at this time of year are elderflowers. We love to dry them for making tea throughout the year, but I also make lots and lots of elderflower cordial whilst they’re in season.

Recipes abound, but this is my tried and tested one – Elderflower Cordial recipe. Remember that you’ll dilute the finished product, so what sounds like a lot of sugar actually goes a long way.



Elderflower cordial should keep for ages as sugar is a preservative. However, if you like to make a year’s supply as I do you may want to seal the bottles for longer term storage. My easy technique is to fill hot bottles with hot cordial, screw on a hot metal lid, then turn the bottles upside down until they cool. When you turn them back upright the metal cap should be sucked in a little indicating that a vacuum has been created. Store somewhere cool and dark.

Dilute with water or fizzy water for a refreshing summer drink, or add a splash to white wine or gin.



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