In the Kitchen: Bottling Elderflower Cordial



One thing we’re not short of at Casalinho at this time of year are elderflowers. We love to dry them for making tea throughout the year, but I also make lots and lots of elderflower cordial whilst they’re in season.

Recipes abound, but this is my tried and tested one – Elderflower Cordial recipe. Remember that you’ll dilute the finished product, so what sounds like a lot of sugar actually goes a long way.



Elderflower cordial should keep for ages as sugar is a preservative. However, if you like to make a year’s supply as I do you may want to seal the bottles for longer term storage. My easy technique is to fill hot bottles with hot cordial, screw on a hot metal lid, then turn the bottles upside down until they cool. When you turn them back upright the metal cap should be sucked in a little indicating that a vacuum has been created. Store somewhere cool and dark.

Dilute with water or fizzy water for a refreshing summer drink, or add a splash to white wine or gin.




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