We welcome volunteers from all over the world, either independently or through one of the volunteer programmes that we subscribe to.



We offer basic accommodation/camping space and meals in exchange for working alongside us on our various projects. We have limited caravan accommodation and lots of camping space for the warmer months – please bring your own tent! We have limited space for live in vehicles and the quinta is approached via tarmaced road.

There is always work to be done in the gardens and the animals need daily attention. We’re slowly extending the area of cultivated land and there are normally various ad-hoc projects on the go. If you have relevant experience Jeroen is always pleased to have help with building work as he continues with the renovations and slowly improves our facilities. We don’t expect our volunteers to do anything that we wouldn’t do ourselves and we do try and offer you work that suits your preferences (within the boundaries of the work that’s available, obviously).

Volunteers normally work from breakfast through until lunchtime, with the afternoons free for exploring or relaxing once the communal household tasks are completed. The needs of the project may dictate an alternative schedule though. In the summer it’s important to schedule work for the cooler parts of the day so expect early starts and possible evening sessions too, for instance, and during grape or olive harvests you’ll probably be asked to work full days and take compensatory time off later. Work continues seven days a week so we do not have specific days off. It’s important to point out that we work whatever the weather.

We speak English at home but we can also speak Portuguese, and Jeroen speaks Dutch and German.

There is no maximum length of time that volunteers can stay with us but we do request that you stay for at least two weeks. We’ve hosted approaching 1000 visitors now, and we feel that the ones who have gained most from the experience have been those who have stayed for at least a month.

During the summers we occasionally offer Summer Internships for those who are able to commit to the whole summer period.

If you were to stick a pin in the centre of a map of Portugal, you probably wouldn’t be far from our farm. As a result it’s equally easy to reach us by public transport from Lisbon (via Fundao) or from Porto (via Coimbra). Basic public transport directions are here.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about volunteering at Casalinho e Escabelado, but please check our Frequently Asked Questions, directions and packing sections first.

When you’re ready to apply, get in touch. There are a few things we’d like you to include in your initial email:

  • Your full name, and your log in name if you are approaching us via wwoof.pt, helpx.net or workaway.info (so that we can take a look at your profile).
  • When you are hoping to visit, and whether those dates are flexible.
  • Why you’re interested in volunteering with us, perhaps what you’d like to gain from the experience and what you’re able to share.
  • Any experience you have or special skills which we may be able to make use of.
  • Any special requirements you may have (eg diet, physical limitation).

See you soon 🙂


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