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  • Happy Easter!

    Even bunnies enjoy Easter egg hunts!

  • Stay at home!

    With the Covid-19 pandemic going on, guidance from the Portuguese government is “Fique em casa” – stay at home! Not so difficult when the world looks like this …

  • Agriculture Lessons

    The Covid-19 pandemic has closed all schools in Portugal … but no school doesn’t mean no education. Using time at home to teach Junior Farmer how to drive the tractor.  

  • Coronavirus preparations

    Okay, we don’t advocate bulk buying, but we have been doing what we can to make sure the pigs don’t go hungry!

  • House Ducks

    Mrs Duck has moved into the house until her babies are less attractive to cats. It’s normal to have ducks in your bedroom, right?

  • Unhappy pigs!

    It’s wet and miserable out there and we refuse to come out. Even for breakfast.

  • Mrs Pot Belly

    When you’d really like to get up, but gravity isn’t on your side 😄

  • Harvesting the Christmas veg

    It’s so wonderful being able to pick our own veg for the Christmas table. All homegrown!

  • Cauliflower harvesting

    So pleased with this year’s cauliflowers, the first year we’ve been harvesting consistently good sized ones. Credit goes to Junior Farmer for superb preparation.

  • Optimist

    You know, one of the great things about growing a garden is that you can try again next year. Here’s this year’s carrot harvest. I’m looking for recipe suggestions 🥕🥕😆🤣🥕🥕

Got any book recommendations?