In the Kitchen: Couve Romanesque


This fabulously visually appealing veg is in the shops locally now, but we’re fortunate to have had our own from the garden. It’s the first time we’ve grown it, and we’ve found it easier than it’s cousin cauliflower.

So how to use it?

My favourite idea to date looks brilliant on the table.

Remove the leaves and the toughest part of the stem (don’t discard them! Use them in soups, or try chopping the thicker parts into pieces and fermenting as you would sauerkraut) and place in the bottom of a lidded pan. Surround the bottom with julienne carrots and perhaps some quartered onions and pour over just a scrap of stock or water and a sprinkle of salt. I tend to use some water reserved from cooking other veg, it seems a shame to chuck away all those nutrients! Pop the lid on and into the oven until the veg are soft, then pour over a little tomato puree and a lot of cheese. A sprinkle of fresh parsley or whatever herbs you fancy, back in the oven with the lid off to melt and brown, and you’ve a delicious and very easy dish.



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2 responses to “In the Kitchen: Couve Romanesque”

  1. Jackie Bridgen Avatar

    Wow. That looks scrummy. Like outrageously posh cauliflower cheese!

    1. Andrea Avatar

      Absolutely! For outrageously posh people 😉

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