Hold the Press – Nelson seen on farm before 9am!!

Nelson is working flat out. I know that doesn’t seem in character, but I actually saw him with my own eyes here before 9am last week!

We’ve been planning a common room / dining room / shower area for volunteers and visitors for some time, but the Permaculture Design Course we’re holding here in June has been a great motivator to actually get started on a Volunteer Space.

Sadly we’ve not left ourselves the luxury of time to play with so it’ll be a basic block structure, but we’re hoping to include some more appropriate technologies inside. We found windows second hand at the local metal workshop which we’re particularly pleased with, and can replace at least some of the glass with some we rescued from a bin some months ago knowing it would come in helpful.

Jeroen has plans for solar showers and rocket stoves for both cooking and heating. We’ve also got plans to make a ‘wet’ toilet as our compost loo is dry only at the moment. We’re on the look out for an old bidet or two. Naturally, although we’ve seen numerous bathroom suites dumped by the side of the road before, now that we’re actively searching for one we can’t find one anywhere.

Watch this space for photos. I forgot to bring the lead for my phone. In the meantime, you can manage with the photo of Nelson in a jacket bigger than he is.











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  1. alison.neale Avatar

    Sounds like your place will be quite swish soon! Bit pointless saying I’ll keep my eye out for bidets, hope you find one soon!

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