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  • Permaculture Design Course photos June 2018

    It’s taken me rather a long time to get these uploaded, but here are my favourite photos from our May/June Permaculture Design Course, with many thanks to the photographers Andy, Josh and David. If you missed this course, we’ve another beginning on 17th August. Please join us then. Details here.

  • Big Boys Toys!

    I am indulging my inner 6 year old by getting excited about the machine! Hired locally, it’s doing the groundwork for a ferrocement tank build project that we’ll complete during the summer.      

  • PDC August 2016 – Natural Building Day

    Our Permaculture Design Course participants making adobe blocks and beginning a cob bench on the Natural Building day of the August PDC.

  • Scout Camp 2016 – New Parking Space & Learning to Render

    We’ve enjoyed hosting a Belgian Scout Group for their annual camp. As one of their activities they’ve built a brilliant new parking area here, already in use as we now have a PDC group on site. Jeroen has also been teaching the Scouts how to render, and they’ve been practicing on one of the exterior more »

  • Ram Pump Workshop

    A Ram Pump is a hydraulic pump which allows you to raise water from one point to another without using an outside power source. We’re astonished that they aren’t more widely known as you can make one at home. All you need is a water drop and cheap parts you’ll find in the plumbing aisle of more »

  • Ferrocement Tank

    Jeroen spent last weekend at Quinta do Luzio in Sintra, working on a ferrocement tank. We’re hoping to make our own here at Casalinho during the Extended Permaculture Design Course we’ll be running 19th June – 20th July. Check out our courses page for full details.    

  • Our Week in Pictures: 10th November 2014

    Our weekly round up of what volunteers have been working on at Casalinho, our developing permaculture project in central Portugal. Well autumn has certainly arrived! Cooler temperatures and the threat of rain have reminded of how much winter preparation still remains undone.   Left to right, top to bottom: 1) Beyonce enjoying an autumnal morning walk more »

  • Our Week in Pictures: 3rd November 2014

    Our weekly round up of what volunteers have been working on at Casalinho, our developing permaculture project in central Portugal. All change this week with a completely new group of volunteers here to work with us. Once again our work has been seasonally lead, with work in the veg garden and last minute winter proofing more »

  • Our Week in Pictures: 8th September 2014

    It’s been another week of harvesting and processing. I’ve been making the most of the summer sun to dry as much as I can, with particular emphasis on things that can add variety to the animals’ winter feed. Left to right, top to bottom. 1. We discovered that the dead stalks of the parsnips we more »

  • Our Week in Pictures: 1st September 2014

    The start of a new month and we’re wondering how the summer managed to pass so quickly! This week Jeroen has been working on replacing a friend’s roof, and here at the farm we’ve been caught up in a frenzy of harvesting and preserving our bounty. Left to right, top to bottom: 1) Yellow cherry more »