What to write?

I’ve not updated the blog for a while. Firstly because Jeroen has been off on his Straw Bale Course (which by all accounts was superb, but more about that some other time) and I’ve been really busy in his absence, but secondly because I’ve not been able to think of the right things to say. We’ve achieved huge amounts at the farm during these last few weeks with the help of a group of marvellous volunteers, but events in the wider world have been intruding. Some nutter runs amok in Norway, and now it seems that my home country is ablaze at the hands of it’s own people. How can I prattle on about our lives here when people elsewhere are so disaffected / warped / *insert descriptive word of your choice* that they really think  that shooting, burning, destroying is the answer?

Someone on one of the forums I use, when asked what ordinary people should do to counteract the ‘bad’ in society, gave this answer …

”  Carry on being lovely, decent, friendly, creative people. The more of us there are, the less impact the few antisocial lunatics can have on us as a whole.

I’m a great believer in offsetting a smidgen of the angst generated by any unpleasant act by going out of my way to do several tiny small nice things for other people. Open a door, smile at someone, wave someone out into a queue of traffic ahead of you, tell someone they are looking nice today, help lift a shopping bag onto a bus, whatever, it makes someone else think ‘there’s nice’, and puts thoughts of bad things out of their head for a few moments at least.  ”

I’ll leave it at that. I can’t think of anything to say and I need to go and find some shopping to lift onto a bus.








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