Our Week in Pictures: 6th October 2014

Lots of people on site this week including some new volunteers, and plenty going on as usual. But the focus has really been on the grape harvest, with foot stomping the grapes being a popular activity. The first batch of wine has now started it’s secondary fermentation, and another batch is on the way. Grapes intended for jeropiga will follow next.

Left to right, up to down:

1) Orelhas our little Billy goat has been very sick but is thankfully back on his feet again. He’s very thin and weak still, so he’s getting extra walks. The recent rain means there’s suddenly green growth sprouting all over.

2) The veg garden is producing wonderfully and we’re eating well. The potatoes are now out, and it seems that each day the patch is less green. Here Josh rakes over what were the potato beds ready for a new planting.

3) Mushroom season!

4) Krisztián took over where David left off. We’re still working on clearing and flattening a patch for the new dog shed.

5) Hmmm … work comes in all sorts of guises. Minea works on removing Charlie’s dreads by torchlight.

6) Josh and Charlie harvesting grapes in the village.

7) Katinka doing likewise.

8) Kate and Laurence appear to have found something scary in the bottom of the grape squishing vat.

9) Josh shows them how it’s really done.

10) Hey ho, hey ho!



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