Summer Internships

courgetteWe are inviting applications from those who would like to make a commitment to join us for summer 2017 in one of our dedicated roles. In return for your commitment you will have the opportunity to take part in one of our scheduled Permaculture Design Courses at a significantly reduced cost if you’d like to.

More details about these opportunities will be available soon, but register your interest by email to be one of the first to know.


The three roles we have available are –

cheeseCatering – During the summer period we will be hosting, and feeding, volunteers, learners, and even a Scout camp. You would work in our outside kitchen, producing healthy and filling vegetarian meals that look good as well as taste good. Producing minimal food waste is important to us, and we would hope you’d have the same mindset. You may have the opportunity to try cheesemaking, practice lacto-fermentation or sprouting, or learn to recognise some wild plants for delicious additions to salads and teas.


At times this role will be hot and stressful. The strengths of the catering team will dictate how much time Andrea spends in the kitchen personally, but there will certainly be times when the catering team will be operating alone.


goats orchard

Animal care – At Casalinho we keep goats, pigs, chickens, guinea pigs, cats and dogs. Your role will be to care for them appropriately. You will certainly be cutting, collecting and distributing food, refreshing water and walking dogs. We’ll be happy to teach you how to milk a goat if it’s possible during your stay and trim their hooves, and we expect you’ll enjoy walking with them too.

This role is hugely responsible as the animals can’t speak up to tell us if you’ve forgotten something!

The animal care is unlikely to take up a full day, so you’ll have the opportunity to assist in our gardens too.

Garden – During the summer months our gardens will need constant attention. Watering, weeding and harvesting are likely to be daily jobs. You’ll learn about the different composting techniques that we use, including our vermicomposting systems, you’ll see our hugel beds, you’ll learn to recognise different plants. Andrea can teach you to recognise some so called ‘weeds’ which are delicious in the kitchen!




  • PeasApplications are welcomed from those able to make a commitment from 1st June 2017 until 31st August 2017
  • Flexibility is an absolute must. Whilst we will be allocating you to a specific role, the nature of life on a busy project like Casalinho means that there may be times when we’ll ask you to help out elsewhere.
  • Our aim is to give you practical training and the opportunity to develop your skills in a real environment, but it must be understood that there will times when you will be expected to work alone.
  • These roles are entirely voluntary and no monetary payment is offered. However, should you wish there is an opportunity to take part in one of our scheduled PDCs at a greatly reduced rate. You will of course be provided with your meals whilst working with us, and you can pitch your tent here.