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Terrorists, Feline Style

We’ve been so caught up with other things over the past weeks that I’ve failed to tell you about the newest members of the Casalinho team.

They’ve terrified the dogs and the cat is so horrified that she won’t come in the house.  They keep us awake half the night playing tag on our bed and collapsing precariously balanced heaps  of clutter, then in the morning demand sardines as I initially failed to remember to buy them food and they’ve developed expensive tastes.

Here they are; Winnie, Wilbur and Claw.




4 comments to Terrorists, Feline Style

  • Leigh McIvor

    Awww, they look very settled, and sardines…! They will never leave now! Is the little grey one a Siamese?

    • Andrea

      Dad has Siamese blood and Mum is a weeny little black puss. Despite the amount of sardines they are getting through they don’t seem to be growing at all so I think they must be taking after their Mum.

      They’re growing up very sociable. We’re hosting a Scout Camp here just now and the kittens seem to have joined their troupe. I’ll need to have miniature woggles made.

  • Alasdair

    Lovely! Are the cats an aesthetic touch or do you plans for them?

  • Andrea

    I’m rather hoping they might deal with the mouse who lives behind my cooker. Honestly, I must have the most useless animals ever. How can I share my home with four cats and four dogs and STILL a mouse lives in my kitchen? I lifted a pan off the hob the other day and he was sat underneath it looking at me. I think I need to cut down on the sardine rations then the kittens may get hungry enough to go hunting.

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