What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a sustainable design system that provides for human needs while having positive effects on the surrounding environment.

It is based on the ethics of earth care, people care and fair share, and provides practical solutions to the global crises we are currently facing.

Permaculture is for EVERYONE, regardless of their education, background, or previous experience.

Permaculture is NOT just about trees, or just about gardening! You don't need loads of land to practice it and it's a design method that can be applied to all social systems.

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Pygmy Goats For Sale

All sold now, thanks. 

With this year’s kids coming along well, we’ve now got more goats that we need. So I’ve decided to concentrate on the larger goats, selling the pygmy part of the herd.

I have available –

  • 2 x adult milkers, both proven mothers who have each produced two sets of healthy twins and are in milk at the moment
  • 2 x year old female goatlings
  • 1 x year old intact male
  • 4 x female kids, born early Jan

The male of this little bunch isn’t related, so this could make a nice ready made herd for someone.

Pygmies obviously don’t produce as much milk as their larger sisters, but they are far easier to handle.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in talking more, please get in touch (info @ casalinho DOT com). Cash is great, but we’ll consider all sorts of barter as well.

SB's kidsPygmy male
Brownie and kidsBrownie's kids



Meet our remaining goats yourself this summer – join us for a PDC!



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