Our Week in Pictures: 25th August 2014

Festa, festa still this week, with the three day event at Malhada do Rei.

As I write, we’re sitting in the smoke of the first fire we’ve experienced locally this year. It’s not close enough to be of concern to us personally, but is a stark reminder of how a dangerous a stray spark can be at this time of year.


We’ve had whole new group of volunteers with us this week but my phone has broken so I’m short of photos. You’ll have to take my word that we’ve been busy!




2 responses to “Our Week in Pictures: 25th August 2014”

  1. Jan Avatar

    I’m assuming the nail-hitting event has some deeper meaning?

    1. Andrea Avatar

      I’m not so sure Jan! You drink a beer, you wallop a nail, you drink another beer. I could be missing something, but I think it’s that basic.

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