Life post-PDC

It feels like a long time since I’ve sat down and written anything for the blog. My apologies, we’ve been so busy that I’ve been falling asleep every time my bum hits a chair!

With the assistance of an absolutely fabulous bunch of volunteers we managed to get our new Volunteer Space / Training Room usable in time for last week’s Permaculture Design Course. Massive thanks have to go out to all those who worked so hard, well beyond the call of duty, to help Jeroen get it ready. Special mention has to go to Steve, Mikael, Yonatan and Paul.


The night before the course


The Permaculture Design Course was a joy to organise. Jeroen sat the course, which means he now understands what I’m talking about. We’ll have to mount our matching certificates somewhere!

The course culminated in a design exercise, based on the farm. Three groups each took the same patch of land and design brief and came up with three different designs full of wonderful suggestions and innovative ideas. I’ll post the completed designs tomorrow. It’s been very interesting to see how close (or far!) other people have come to my own ideas for developing the space.

Next plan, of course, is for Jeroen and I to work on a design together. Despite both being here most of the time, it seems to be incredibly hard to sit down and concentrate. I guess it’s something we’ll have to work on ….

I’m already chatting with tutors to get another Permaculture Design Course organised, and some other workshops too. I’ll announce dates here as they’re confirmed.


The PDC group. The goat didn’t participate.




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