Learning about Bees at The Hive



Jeroen took a course on beekeeping organised by the local beekeepers co-operative some time ago, when we originally purchased our hives. I’ve never had any training in beekeeping though, so I was thrilled when The Hive offered another Introduction to Beekeeping Workshop. The Hive are a local cultural co-operative focussing on sustainable education.

Apiculturist Kev talked our small group through some theory and showed us the necessary equipment, then we suited up and braved the weather to take a look at some operational hives up on the hillside nearby. Bees buzzing all around is a tremendous feeling and I enjoyed the session immensely.

Then back to The Hive for a delicious lunch and chat. Many thanks to the Hive team and Kev for a superb day.









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  1. Fred @ Garden Care Avatar

    Amazing! We have a beekeeper in the neighbourhood, but I’ve never been interested in beekeeping myself. The Hive looks great. I hope the lessons were worthwhile!


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