What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a sustainable design system that provides for human needs while having positive effects on the surrounding environment.

It is based on the ethics of earth care, people care and fair share, and provides practical solutions to the global crises we are currently facing.

Permaculture is for EVERYONE, regardless of their education, background, or previous experience.

Permaculture is NOT just about trees, or just about gardening! You don't need loads of land to practice it and it's a design method that can be applied to all social systems.

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Hello Billy


Billy goat


This handsome young chap is our new Billy goat. He’s been with us for about three weeks, and he’s just now starting to settle in and hold his own with the ladies.  He’s terribly nervous of me, but when he first arrived I housed him with our least threatening goat, Branquinha, who he’s become very close to, and as he’ll follow her anywhere it’s not a problem and he can learn to trust me in his own time.

He’s still lacking a name though, and as we can’t call him Boy Goat forever, I’m looking for suggestions. Any ideas?



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