Góis Bike Festival

August is full of festas locally, ranging from tiny village affairs to the massive. Yesterday we headed out to Góis for the annual bike festival organised by Góis Moto Club. It’s one of the biggest bike events in Portugal.



6 responses to “Góis Bike Festival”

  1. Eveline Avatar

    Can’t see the connection between this subject and permaculture here…

    1. Andrea Avatar

      Neither can I! But did I say there was one? 😉

      We’re part of the wider community Eveline, and in our community the bike festival is a big deal. This blog is here to talk about what we do, and whilst most of that could be considered permaculture related we also like to give prospective visitors an idea of what’s happening locally.

  2. halim Avatar

    when is the 2015 bike festival in portugal and held where/ planning to go with my bike from belgium.
    i am from indonesia and really need your info to plan for the trip. any trip advise. thank in advance

  3. Andrea Avatar

    The 2015 bike festival in Gois will be 13th – 16th August. The organisers are http://www.goismotoclube.pt

  4. Mark Avatar

    Has the date for the 2016 been set? Thanks

    1. Andrea Avatar

      18th – 21st August 2016. It’s the Concentração de Góis.

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