Eco-Friendly Corga da Periera Toilettries now available in Danny’s Shop

I was really excited to pick up another batch of Em’s wonderful products on Saturday, so these are now available for volunteers and visitors to purchase from Danny’s shop.

The Corga da Periera range is all home made and ecologically friendly, so it’s exactly what we need to avoid polluting our wonderful life giving water. It’s also very nicely packaged so I’m imagining that they’ll also sell well as gifts.

As well as lovely smelling soaps and body care products like lip balm and amazing green clay toothpaste in dinky little pots, the range also includes a laundry soap and I’m hoping that we’ll soon stock sun protection too.







2 responses to “Eco-Friendly Corga da Periera Toilettries now available in Danny’s Shop”

  1. alison.neale Avatar

    They look fantastic!!

  2. Andrea Avatar

    You’ll have to watch your Christmas stocking 🙂

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