Category: Natural World

  • Crayfish

    Found this chap, a crayfish, and a couple of his mates, in the river. We’re so fortunate to have abundant clean water to support such a diversity of life here.

  • Cacti Flower

    Reasons to be cheerful – cacti are flowering. Brief, but beautiful.

  • Baby Guinea Pigs

    Reasons to be cheerful – a handful of baby guinea pigs.

  • Reasons to be Cheerful: After the Rain

    After the rain comes the most marvelous rainbow. Proof that the sun must be up there somewhere! We’re still hunting for the pot of gold 🙂  

  • Our Postcards Now Available

    I’m so very pleased to have this new postcard collection available for sale to our supporters (and anyone else!). Full colour, high quality images on the front, with the back printed for use as a postcard (or put them on your wall!) The majority of the photos were taken by the most wonderful Marjolein Hillage more »

  • Mole Comes Visiting

      Stumpy the not-so-clever dog spends his days digging up the garden when he’s not pretending he’s a goat. This week I have TWICE caught him with a perfectly unharmed mole in his mouth. We’ve no objection to moles in the garden, as one of the things they’ll be happy to eat is the young more »

  • Pheonix Platanus

    No it’s not a new variety, but one growing through the wreck of the old. This astonishing plane tree (platanus) is in the Parque de Cerejal at Góis.

  • Is Spring here?

    Dare I hope? Is Spring on it’s way? This was the view we woke to last weekend. But it was gone by early afternoon, and this week has included cold nights but T-shirt days, and the flowers are sneaking out. It’s amazing the difference a week can make.

  • Learning about Bees at The Hive

      Jeroen took a course on beekeeping organised by the local beekeepers co-operative some time ago, when we originally purchased our hives. I’ve never had any training in beekeeping though, so I was thrilled when The Hive offered another Introduction to Beekeeping Workshop. The Hive are a local cultural co-operative focussing on sustainable education. Apiculturist more »

  • Easter at Casalinho

    I’m pleased to report that the Easter Bunny appears to be well and living in central Portugal.   We heard rumour that he had a mysterious horned assistant this year.                     I followed their trail around the garden, a good opportunity to take the camera. Easter more »