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You guys are going to have to help me here, as I’m a complete Facebook novice! I’ve been trying to load a page for Casalinho but I need 25 ‘likes’ to secure it’s own URL. I’ve got 4 so far. All of you out there who have Facebook accounts, can you help me please?

I’ve been trying and trying to work out how to make a nice tidy little link here so that you just have to click on it, but perhaps I’m being a bit thick today. It’s probably best I stop now, before I have a temper tantrum and stomp on the computer, and just ask you guys to search for a page called Casalinho e Escabelado then ‘like’ it.

Many many thanks indeed 🙂







2 responses to “Casalinho on Facebook”

  1. Andrea Avatar

    Thanks to everyone who ‘liked’, and a special thanks to the Proof Fairy who worked some spectacular magic.

    I guess now it’s down to me to work out how it all works ….

    Keep liking please folks, and I’ll try and say something interesting 😉

  2. Rosie at Eco-Gites Avatar

    I have added you to my list of page likes but because I am a business page I can’t like” you directly – daft FB! I really must sort out a personal page sometime.

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