A Visitor’s Perspective: Joe

I normally use this section to give our visitors a voice. We’ve received such a lovely reference from Joe, who offered us invaluable help as a WWOOFer during July’s Permaculture Design Course, that I thought I’d share it here.

Joe”I hugely enjoyed my time at Casalinho! As a slightly nervous wwoofer (being the unskilled city dweller that I am) despite doing it several times now I sometimes worry firstly about my ability to help out on the farm and secondly who I will meet on the farm. Experience has proved that I needn’t worry about these things, and once again I found wwoofing wonderfully rewarding, at perhaps my favourite farm yet.

The work is such that as long as you bring with you a desire to do your best and an interest in the brilliant project which Andrea and Jeroen are running then you’ll have a ball (even if feeding goats can be a pain in the arse). Seeing self-sustainability in action is a really refreshing experience, and in particular reminded me how lovely it can be to see and have some sense of personal responsibility and of achievement working with and living off the land. After the working day then swimming and reading and chatting with the many wonderful people also at the farm when I was there (about 15!) was great fun. I don’t know if I was particularly lucky but the people who resided at the farm at the same time as me all happened to be really, really cool. The landscape is also pretty magical, and there are lots of walks and pools and a general nature overload.

I couldn’t have asked for better hosts, Andrea and Jeroen and the rest of the family are really appreciative and enthusiastic people, but even more important than all that schmaltzy stuff they have a wicked sense of humour. Sitting round the outdoor stove with Andrea as she cooked for 15 but still had enough concentration left to keep me entertained was a particular delight.

Go help out at Casalinho! You won’t regret it. ”

I’m sure I counted more than 15 people for dinner though!

Cheers Joe 🙂



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