Tag: Sheep

  • Good idea?

    Anyone who has seen me walking the goats or sheep will appreciate my excitement at this brilliant idea! Only I’ll need one with caterpillar tracks to cope with the terrain. Jeroen? Where’s your to do list?   Meet the sheep (and the rest of us!) by joining us on our full accredited Permaculture Design Course more »

  • Grazing

    Jeroen has been putting in a huge amount of effort over the last weeks to install new fencing which will allow our animals to graze more effectively. We’re not just looking to feed the animals from the land, but use their eating, manuring and treading to actually improve the quality of the soil, the plant more »

  • Sheep Shearing

    Today I’m feeling rather as if I’ve been run over by a horse, but perhaps it would be more accurate to say a sheep. Yesterday our neighbour and local Super Hero, Carlos, came round to help us shear the sheep. I say help, but he did all the shearing of course, and our job was more »

  • Sheep

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything happy, so here’s a photo of the sheep enjoying the late afternoon sunshine. Lambert is far happier, as expected, since he’s had some company.   Numbers increased so rapidly that I found myself having to find extra equipment. What do you think of my ‘make do’ hay more »

  • Handsome

      Lambert is SUCH a handsome chap. And he knows it!

  • Meet Lambert Geeny

      This is Lambert Geeny, our new ram and future patriarch of what we’re hoping will become our new sheep empire. About two minutes after I took this photo Lambert chased Mr Goat all around the field. Mr Goat is now sulking in his shed, nursing his ego. Lambert is stalking the fence line, baaaahing more »