Tag: Pigs

  • Trouble!

    I love this photo. Mum Dona plus two sorts of trouble 🙂 These little guys are the remaining pigs from Dona’s litter, enjoying their last days with Mum before Dona rejoins d’Rock (our boar).      

  • Hot Day, Cool Pig

    Hot day, hot pig. Cool bath, cool pig.

  • Grazing

    These pictures were before and after the pigs were run on the field then the land allowed to recover. The quality and diversity is much improved.

  • Exhausted

    The first Permaculture Design Course of the year is now over and I’ll have some photos for you to see shortly. If you missed out, join us in August instead. Geri the pot belly pig waited until there was a bit of peace and quiet to share her beautiful litter with the world today. I think every more »

  • D’Rock

    D’Rock is our boar, so called because he’s has Duroc blood. I don’t think we’d realised quite how big he’d got until we looked at this photo of him next to his girlfriend and Jeroen.     Booking places on our upcoming Permaculture Design Courses now. Please join us and meet d’Rock yourself!  

  • Love Is ….

    Love is …..    ……. kisses in the sunshine. Meet the lovebirds, and the rest of the team, on one of our summer PDCs.  

  • New piggies!

    Beautiful new pigs, two days old in these photos, enjoying their first exploration of the outside world. And here’s proud Dad, Duroc, looking on from the other side of the fence.

  • Quite rainy

    That’s the art of British understatement by the way. Attaching new electric fence so we could move the pregnant pigs, after their shelter flooded.

  • Busy Day

    Busy day, and soon a freezer full of meat. So many thanks to friends who helped.

  • Making Memories

      This is what memories are made of. Volunteer Maria helps me by holding Ziggy the Piggy whilst we syringe feed her. Sadly Ziggy didn’t make it, despite our best efforts. We think it’s likely that the move was too much stress for such young piglets. Reg and Geraldine and settling in well though, and more »