Tag: Easter

  • Easter at Casalinho

    The Easter bunny took us on a tour around garden this year. I reckon we’ll be finding chocolate eggs for weeks to come!  

  • Easter at Casalinho

    I’m pleased to report that the Easter Bunny appears to be well and living in central Portugal.   We heard rumour that he had a mysterious horned assistant this year.                     I followed their trail around the garden, a good opportunity to take the camera. Easter more »

  • Easter Bunny travels!

    There was a rumour a few days ago that the Easter Bunny had been spotted on the Santander ferry. Well it turns out that it was true. We didn’t see him, but the evidence was plain to see this morning.  

  • Dying your own Easter Eggs

    Easter is this weekend, so in an attempt to avoid chocolate eggs I’ll be decorating some of our own with the kids this afternoon. The chickens are producing 4-5 per day at the moment, not as many as they might but acceptable. They’re loving the extra protein in their diet I’ve been offering care of more »