What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a sustainable design system that provides for human needs while having positive effects on the surrounding environment.

It is based on the ethics of earth care, people care and fair share, and provides practical solutions to the global crises we are currently facing.

Permaculture is for EVERYONE, regardless of their education, background, or previous experience.

Permaculture is NOT just about trees, or just about gardening! You don't need loads of land to practice it and it's a design method that can be applied to all social systems.

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A Visitor’s Perspective: Sam’s Diary – A Foraged Salad

This is part of a series of posts where we ask one of our volunteers or visitors to say a few words. Sam is beginning his third week here as a volunteer and has kindly allowed us to share his online thoughts. Here, Sam gets creative with the prettiest of salads.

A Visitor’s […]


Calendula Hand Scrub

I liberated a couple of calendula plants from a pile of builder’s rubble in the springtime. I planted them in one of our soft fruit beds, intending to save some seed and plant amongst the veggies to confuse the pests with their bright flowers. They’ve done so well that I’ve got flowers aplenty. […]