Tag: Billy goat

  • Fabulous Time of Year to be a Goat

      After some rain, it’s a fabulous time of year to be a goat. The hills are totally yellow with broom (Cytisus scoparius) and carqueja (Baccharis trimera).

  • Meet Lambert Geeny

      This is Lambert Geeny, our new ram and future patriarch of what we’re hoping will become our new sheep empire. About two minutes after I took this photo Lambert chased Mr Goat all around the field. Mr Goat is now sulking in his shed, nursing his ego. Lambert is stalking the fence line, baaaahing more »

  • A Pressing Question about Goats

    All the goat advice is to ensure that your animals have access to fresh, clean water at all times. Otherwise they will refuse it. My own experience of goats back this advice up. So why then, when I give our goats a bucket of fresh, clean water, do they conspire to crap in it within more »