What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a sustainable design system that provides for human needs while having positive effects on the surrounding environment.

It is based on the ethics of earth care, people care and fair share, and provides practical solutions to the global crises we are currently facing.

Permaculture is for EVERYONE, regardless of their education, background, or previous experience.

Permaculture is NOT just about trees, or just about gardening! You don't need loads of land to practice it and it's a design method that can be applied to all social systems.

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Our Week in Pictures: 14th January 2015

Our round up of what we’ve been working on at Casalinho, our developing permaculture project in central Portugal.

Our first volunteers of 2015 are due to join us any day now, and we’re looking forward to getting some old projects finished and some new ones on the go.

Here are some photos to give you a picture of our January so far.

Top to bottom, left to right:

1) Broad bean in the morning frost. Our veg fields are in the shade for the darkest parts of winter, so only the hardiest veg survive.

2) Snow!

3) Even the feijoa (pineapple guava) suffered a little from the frost this year.

4) But we’ve had marvellous weather when the sun has been out, as these goats in the orchard can testify. This is the only time of year we can walk them in the orchard, when there are no tasty leaves or buds to snack on!

5) This is the kid born mid-November. She’s doing really well, but as she’s a full pygmy we won’t be keeping her.

6) Damned goats got into the cabbages again.

7) Our final truck arrives, ready to be pressed into service as volunteer accommodation later this month.

8) James and Maxi demonstrate the best way to deal with January evenings.



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