Tag: Volunteer Space

  • Volunteer / Training Space – Let’s Warm Up

    This will be old news for those who have visited us over the past few months, but it seems rather appropriate to show you some photos of the stove we’ve installed in the Volunteer / Training Room on the first day where it’s felt like winter this year. Although unnecessary when we use the space more »

  • Volunteer / Training Space Update – Door

    Our intended training room has served multiple uses since we completed it; volunteer hang out space, kids party venue, bedroom, storage space, cinema and even a training room where we’ve hosted three Permaculture Design Courses. But all would probably agree that proper doors would help no end with keeping the temperature steady. Cue Pete, recent more »

  • A Visitor’s Perspective: Serge’s diary (part 2)

    This is part of a series of posts where we ask one of our volunteers or visitors to say a few words. Serge is one of our longer staying volunteers, and has kindly agreed to share his diary.   A Visitor’s Perspective: Serge’s Diary                    It’s lovely more »

  • The Perils and Pleasures of Pickup ownership

    We’ve recently become the proud new owners of a pick up truck. We were forced into it as our existing vehicle gave up on us, but every cloud has a silver lining and the pick up is far more practical for the sort of lifestyle we lead.     That’s just one of the loads more »

  • Volunteer Space pictures

    I couldn’t load these last time I updated, but I know you’ll have waiting with baited breath. So here is the volunteer space today, complete with a shirtless Nelson. It doesn’t take much to separate him from it!        

  • Hold the Press – Nelson seen on farm before 9am!!

    Nelson is working flat out. I know that doesn’t seem in character, but I actually saw him with my own eyes here before 9am last week! We’ve been planning a common room / dining room / shower area for volunteers and visitors for some time, but the Permaculture Design Course we’re holding here in June more »