Tag: Our week in pictures

  • Busy Day

    Busy day, and soon a freezer full of meat. So many thanks to friends who helped.

  • Reasons to be Cheerful: Happy discovery

      This morning’s happy discovery – three wee bantam chicks.

  • Pied-Piper of Casalinho

    Anyone would think there were treats in that bucket! Ah! There are 🙂

  • Reasons to be Cheerful: Just because …

    Just because they’re beautiful ….    

  • Busy Day in the Garden

      Anyone who’s spent time with us will know how much time we spend fighting to keep our rotovators working. Here’s a rare shot of one in action! Creating a new kitchen garden bed near the house.     Connor is planting pumpkin seedlings along the edge of this raised bed. Cardoon for cheesemaking and more »

  • Stuck Kid

    Goats, when left alone, spend their time plotting new and ingenious ways to escape and frustrate me, trapping themselves in ever more inventive ways in the process. This youngster is no exception, and has managed to get himself stuck in between these fences. His brother was in there too when I was alerted by their more »

  • Reasons to be cheerful: Spring Flowers

    It seems incredible that my last post was about the snow! Beautiful spring flowers have popped up virtually overnight.  

  • Snow Scene

      I knew I should have taken the washing off the line! We’re at around 800m so get snow perhaps once or twice a year. This fall got heavier in the evening, but just lasted 24 hours.  

  • Seasonal decor?

    Seasonal decor, Casalinho style. Home made chorizo and morcela dry curing above the stove. It’s been a busy few weeks, with the killing and processing of our first home grown pig and the completion of the olive harvest keeping us busy. More on what we’ve been up to in due course, but in the meantime more »

  • Reasons to be Cheerful: December Sunset

    Who needs TV when nature offers so much to watch? These December sunsets all captured inside 20 minutes, looking towards Aradas and Unhais o Velho.