Tag: Goats

  • Good idea?

    Anyone who has seen me walking the goats or sheep will appreciate my excitement at this brilliant idea! Only I’ll need one with caterpillar tracks to cope with the terrain. Jeroen? Where’s your to do list?   Meet the sheep (and the rest of us!) by joining us on our full accredited Permaculture Design Course more »

  • It’s a wonderful time of year to be a Goat

    Really, it couldn’t be a more lovely time to be a goat. Tasty flowers in the forest, lush grass in the meadow. I’m even enjoying walking them.                     Our first PDC of the year begins just a week from now. Can you join us?

  • WTF is THAT?!!

    First foray outside for the latest goat kid, and Pringle the cat isn’t quite sure what to make of it. Aren’t they gorgeous? And finally, a kiss <3

  • Welcome to the World, Little Chap

    There’s something about cold, wet evenings that seems to encourage goats to give birth. Welcome to the world little chap.

  • Winter hay

    We’ve been working on storing winter hay and bedding today, taking advantage of glorious sun to dry it. With goats, pigs and sheep as well as poultry, we’re needing to up production this year.

  • Fabulous Time of Year to be a Goat

      After some rain, it’s a fabulous time of year to be a goat. The hills are totally yellow with broom (Cytisus scoparius) and carqueja (Baccharis trimera).

  • Meet Lambert Geeny

      This is Lambert Geeny, our new ram and future patriarch of what we’re hoping will become our new sheep empire. About two minutes after I took this photo Lambert chased Mr Goat all around the field. Mr Goat is now sulking in his shed, nursing his ego. Lambert is stalking the fence line, baaaahing more »

  • Stuck Kid

    Goats, when left alone, spend their time plotting new and ingenious ways to escape and frustrate me, trapping themselves in ever more inventive ways in the process. This youngster is no exception, and has managed to get himself stuck in between these fences. His brother was in there too when I was alerted by their more »

  • Goat kids 2017

        All say Awwwwwww!                 The little chaps above belong to Schneckle, and we’re glad to see them safely arrive as it seemed to have been the longest pregnancy ever! The downside of keeping Mr Goat with the ladies is we don’t have a expected due date more »

  • Scout Camp 2016 – Milking the Goats & Feeding the Pigs

    One of my favourite activities with our annual Scout camp is teaching the Scouts to milk the goats. This year we’ve also had the pigs so the braver Scouts were hand feeding them. All fingers still intact 🙂 Lots of photos, proof for the Scout’s parents that they really were on a farm and not more »