Tag: Ducks

  • Morning greetings

    I so enjoy my morning greetings each day.

  • Pied-Piper of Casalinho

    Anyone would think there were treats in that bucket! Ah! There are 🙂

  • The Nursery Wing!

    There’s a nasty disease that I’ve been unable to name which kills rabbits around here. Unfortunately a case of it hit here last week and we lost most of our rabbits with no warning 🙁 It was particularly upsetting as three of the adults who died were fairly new mothers with litters still tucked up more »

  • Casalinho’s Maggot Breeding Enterprise

    This is my attempt to provide additional protein for the poultry, giving them a better diet whilst reducing my feed bill. Stop reading now if you’re of a delicate disposition, but before you dismiss maggot breeding as feed just consider that it’s a free product produced out of something that would be otherwise wasted. Until more »

  • Did I say Spring?

    It’s absolutely my own fault. I should never have mentioned nice weather. The weather gods must have been checking out my last post! Since then I swear the whole Atlantic ocean has landed on our place 🙁 Our damp but good spirited bunch of volunteers have been soldiering on regardless and have been doing a more »

  • Animal Update

    Firstly, a sad lament for our last pigeon who escaped and went searching for a new mate earlier this week. I hope he finds one. Our other pigeons were taken one by one by what we think we identified as an Egyptian Mongoose about 6 weeks ago. This one survived because Jeroen caught the murdering more »

  • New Poultry Run Open for Business

    It’s spectacular …. it’s spacious …. it’s the new poultry run! After the difficulties we’ve had with stray dogs and our chickens, we’ve made the rather sad decision that the poultry can’t be routinely free range any more. They’ll still get for out for a scratch about when we’re working on the big veg fields, more »

  • Those Ducklings I Promised

    I cannot believe how big these guys are getting! They’re co-existing  with the chickens really happily now, and have moved into the chicken shed to allow the rabbits more room. The new poultry run should be ready shortly and they’ll welcome the extra space. This little paddling pond they’re using is just a hollow I’ve more »

  • The Ducklings have Arrived!

    There’s six of them, and they’re adorable! Julio from the village got them for us, and they’re the same breed as the delicious bird we had at Christmas. I’ve yet to work out what that actually is. Everyone had told me that ducks make a mess, but I hadn’t appreciated before now actually how much more »