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  • Permaculture in practice

    Permaculture in practice – Every element should have more than one function 😆😆     These little bundles are looking for new homes. If you can offer one, give us a shout.      

  • With thanks

    With huge thanks to the generous hearted person who anonymously gifted us food for the dogs and cats. We (and they) are so grateful. Com enorme agradecimento à pessoa de coração generoso que anonimamente nos doou comida para cães e gatos. Nós (e eles) estamos tão agradecidos.

  • Our Postcards Now Available

    I’m so very pleased to have this new postcard collection available for sale to our supporters (and anyone else!). Full colour, high quality images on the front, with the back printed for use as a postcard (or put them on your wall!) The majority of the photos were taken by the most wonderful Marjolein Hillage more »

  • Mole Comes Visiting

      Stumpy the not-so-clever dog spends his days digging up the garden when he’s not pretending he’s a goat. This week I have TWICE caught him with a perfectly unharmed mole in his mouth. We’ve no objection to moles in the garden, as one of the things they’ll be happy to eat is the young more »

  • Stumpy is Not a Clever Dog

    This is Stumpy. Stumpy is not a clever dog. Stumpy thinks he is a goat and copies everything the goats do, to the extent of getting his head stuck in the goat shed fence *even though he has no horns*!!!  

  • A Dog Poo Wormery

    We’ve currently got nine dogs. Nine dogs produce a lot of poo, and some of it needs to be collected up and disposing of. We’ve tried various ways of composting it in the past, none of which were entirely satisfactory. This time we’re asking our composting worms to lend a hand, putting together a vermicomposting more »

  • Our Week in Pictures: 27th October 2014

    Our weekly round up of what volunteers have been working on at Casalinho, our developing permaculture project in central Portugal.   There has been so much going on this week that it’s been hard to choose the photos! 1) What a handsome boy! 2) Our last batch of corn drying on the driveway. We cut more »

  • In the Doghouse

    Blue needed a home. Pete needed a project. Blue reminded us that volunteering at Casalinho isn’t just about goats! Blue’s new house is based on an old pallet and uses leftover planks and greenwood for the structure. Coloured offcuts from other projects create the lovely shingles effect. Finally, it’s roofed with broom over some old more »