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If you read Portuguese (or even if you can just use translation software!!), take a look at this new project from our friends Filipa and Pedro.

Editora Ancestral is a small Portuguese project with the mission of publishing both books and a quarterly magazine – Revista Ancestral – focused on the recovery of ancestral knowledge and its fusion with current practices and perceptions, promoting an alternative and sustainable way of life. We aim to explore several different topics, such as permaculture, organic/biodynamic agriculture, alternative economics/politics, herbalism, feralculture, alternative schooling, wilderness skills, simple living, natural beekeeping and foraging, and many others.

The 1st edition of Revista Ancestral came out on the first day of Spring, March 21st 2016. (Download it here, after filling out the form). This edition is free and online-only, accessible to everyone! Hopefully, with the help of sponsors, we will be able to launch both an online and a paper 2nd edition.

If you would like to contribute to our magazine’s 2nd edition, make sure to send us your article, recipe, DIY or other contribution until 24th of July 2016. The text should be written in Portuguese and follow some general rules explained here.

If you would like to include an advertisement for your project, workshop, course or other event in the magazine, and therefore support our work, then please contact us for all the details via our e-mail:

As well as paid advertisements, you can also include your events on our “events list”, completely free of charge!

Soon we will open subscriptions for those interested to support future editions of the magazine! They should be open next month, so be sure to follow our website or our Facebook page for the news.

So, what are you waiting for? Come read Revista Ancestral and feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or submissions!

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  1. Sophie Avatar

    Are the prices specified?

    1. Andrea Avatar

      Contact the Revista Ancestral team with your queries –

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