Category: Our Week in Pictures

  • Love Is ….

    Love is …..    ……. kisses in the sunshine. Meet the lovebirds, and the rest of the team, on one of our summer PDCs.  

  • Big Boys Toys!

    I am indulging my inner 6 year old by getting excited about the machine! Hired locally, it’s doing the groundwork for a ferrocement tank build project that we’ll complete during the summer.      

  • Can’t Beat It!

      You really couldn’t beat the view from yesterday’s work spot. We were doing a spot of work exchange with a friend. Tough work, cutting and hauling these burnt pines, but followed by a picnic on the walk back which couldn’t be beaten.

  • Land Clearance

    Land clearance is the project of the moment, with the deadline for clearing land next to the road fast approaching. Today’s area to tidy up – the hugel edge next to the road We’d allowed these pines to grow as a privacy screen, but most need to go. Many of the trees are infested with more »

  • With thanks

    With huge thanks to the generous hearted person who anonymously gifted us food for the dogs and cats. We (and they) are so grateful. Com enorme agradecimento à pessoa de coração generoso que anonimamente nos doou comida para cães e gatos. Nós (e eles) estamos tão agradecidos.

  • Morning greetings

    I so enjoy my morning greetings each day.

  • Busy Day

    Busy day, and soon a freezer full of meat. So many thanks to friends who helped.

  • Reasons to be Cheerful: Happy discovery

      This morning’s happy discovery – three wee bantam chicks.

  • Pied-Piper of Casalinho

    Anyone would think there were treats in that bucket! Ah! There are 🙂

  • Officially summer!

    With the help of fab volunteers Maria, Madalena and João, the Casalinho natural bathing pool is now full and ready to receive hot and grateful visitors. First clearing the winter’s growth of vegetation and the ever present brambles. Working by the dam to clear rocks washed into the gate over winter and ensuring it’s clear A job more »