Category: Diploma

  • Training of Permaculture Teachers Course

    Andrea has recently returned from this course, working with Looby Macnamara, Chris Evans and Tomas Remiarz to learn more about the tools & techniques for teaching and facilitating permaculture learning. Fabulous to work with a group of such superbly passionate permaculture people, she’s come home full of ideas and raring to go! We’re hosting a full more »

  • Training of Permaculture Teachers Course

    I’m really excited to announce this course, a first for Casalinho. We’ll be offering a five day training aimed at those who would like to teach permaculture, facilitated by Peter Cow. It’s suitable for beginner or experienced permaculture teachers, the only requirement being that participants have previously taken a PDC. Full details here.  

  • Setting out on our Diploma journey

    I think the most overwhelming part of setting off on this Diploma journey, for both of us, is working out where to start, and then how to pull everything together into a cohesive whole which someone can make sense of and we can keep track of. Our habit of writing notes and sketches on the more »