Category: Crafts

  • Yarn Bombing Góis

    This wasn’t what I expected to see in the centre of Góis! All part of an urban exhibition apparently, Colorir o Pombal, running until September.                    

  • Go, Willow, Go 2013 Brainwave Auction

    Willow is a very special little girl whose parents are friends of Casalinho. They have set up an auction, running until 10pm on Sunday 24th November, to raise funds for Willow’s Brainwave treatments. So why am I telling you? Well, apart from the auction being full of fabulous items which would make spectacular Christmas gifts, this more »

  • Gift idea – and help us build a windbreak!

    We’re planning a windbreak and privacy screen along the road. With our neighbour having clear felled his forest in the summer and the ‘improved’ road being higher than the level of our land this is becoming increasingly urgent. So what to choose? We’ve decided that the bulk of the hedge will be medronha (Arbutus unedo more »

  • Calendula Hand Scrub

    I liberated a couple of calendula plants from a pile of builder’s rubble in the springtime. I planted them in one of our soft fruit beds, intending to save some seed and plant amongst the veggies to confuse the pests with their bright flowers. They’ve done so well that I’ve got flowers aplenty. The petals make a more »

  • Dying your own Easter Eggs

    Easter is this weekend, so in an attempt to avoid chocolate eggs I’ll be decorating some of our own with the kids this afternoon. The chickens are producing 4-5 per day at the moment, not as many as they might but acceptable. They’re loving the extra protein in their diet I’ve been offering care of more »

  • How Do You Make a Cat Food Pouch Bag?

    Ladies around our way often make bags out of discarded coffee wrappers. Here’s a tutorial showing how to make the same sort of bag using plastic cat food pouches. Whilst it’s obviously best to avoid using things like this in the first place, this is a spectacular and really useful way to reuse something that more »