Category: Building

  • Live in Vehicles Welcome

    The local council are ‘improving’ the track leading to the farm. It’s a bit of a painful subject, as the rerouted road goes through the corner of our orchard. Staying positive though, it means we’ve been able to create an area specially to park up live in vehicles. When we’ve parked these up before we’ve more »

  • Volunteer Space pictures

    I couldn’t load these last time I updated, but I know you’ll have waiting with baited breath. So here is the volunteer space today, complete with a shirtless Nelson. It doesn’t take much to separate him from it!        

  • Hold the Press – Nelson seen on farm before 9am!!

    Nelson is working flat out. I know that doesn’t seem in character, but I actually saw him with my own eyes here before 9am last week! We’ve been planning a common room / dining room / shower area for volunteers and visitors for some time, but the Permaculture Design Course we’re holding here in June more »