Category: Blogs we like

  • Revista Ancestral

    If you read Portuguese (or even if you can just use translation software!!), take a look at this new project from our friends Filipa and Pedro. Editora Ancestral is a small Portuguese project with the mission of publishing both books and a quarterly magazine – Revista Ancestral – focused on the recovery of ancestral knowledge more »

  • Healing Agriculture article

    Healing Agriculture is a new(ish) blog and website produced by Katie Shepherd with a view to showcasing ‘the many people working in broad scale agriculture in Europe, aiming for ‘beyond sustainability’, using the ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in their farming work and lives. ‘ At Casalinho we are honoured to have more »

  • A Visitor’s Perspective: Sam’s Diary – Permaculture Vermiculture

    This is part of a series of posts where we ask one of our volunteers or visitors to say a few words. Sam is in his second week here as a volunteer and has kindly allowed us to share his online thoughts. Here, Sam explores our vermicomposting system. A Visitor’s Perspective: Sam’s Diary – Permaculture Vermiculture more »

  • Downsizing: Less is More

    I came upon this article on a site written by a friend of mine, and have asked his permission to reproduce it here as he’s expressed my own feelings about this downsizing journey that we’re on so well. Ian and his partner downsized to Asturias on the north coast of Spain 5 years ago. Take a more »

  • Oak Park Hates Veggies

    Good morning folks. It’s a bit cooler today, and we’ve been scrabbling around for warmer clothes and moaning about the weather. We moan when it’s too hot, and we moan when it’s too cold. I thought it was just the British who moan about the weather, but it seems that it’s an international failing 😉 more »

  • Introducing Oficinas da TerraCrua

    Oficinas da TerraCrua (literal translation = Workshops of Raw Earth) is a local organisation offering workshops in a range of sustainable building techniques such as Adobe, cob, cordwood and straw bale. Nuno taught the New Build session on our recent Permaculture Design Course, which everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy. Although workshops are taught in Portuguese, more »

  • Kiva – Loans that Change Lives

    Anyone heard of Kiva Microfinance? If you haven’t, I urge you to take a look. Kiva allow individuals like you or me to loan small amounts to entrepreneurs in developing countries, which really make an enormous difference to their lives. Loans are made in multiples of $25. Let’s be honest, most of us can afford more »

  • How Do You Make a Cat Food Pouch Bag?

    Ladies around our way often make bags out of discarded coffee wrappers. Here’s a tutorial showing how to make the same sort of bag using plastic cat food pouches. Whilst it’s obviously best to avoid using things like this in the first place, this is a spectacular and really useful way to reuse something that more »

  • Introducing Harvest Moon

    Caroline Stubbs is an illustrator, writer and gardener living and working in South Dartmoor, South West England. She’s also the wonderful cook on the course I’m on. When we all rush up stairs for our tea and coffee fix in between sessions, Cari is often there in the kitchen serenely drawing. These are a couple of pieces more »