Category: Animals

  • Happy Easter!

    Even bunnies enjoy Easter egg hunts!

  • Coronavirus preparations

    Okay, we don’t advocate bulk buying, but we have been doing what we can to make sure the pigs don’t go hungry!

  • House Ducks

    Mrs Duck has moved into the house until her babies are less attractive to cats. It’s normal to have ducks in your bedroom, right?

  • Unhappy pigs!

    It’s wet and miserable out there and we refuse to come out. Even for breakfast.

  • Mrs Pot Belly

    When you’d really like to get up, but gravity isn’t on your side 😄

  • Good idea?

    Anyone who has seen me walking the goats or sheep will appreciate my excitement at this brilliant idea! Only I’ll need one with caterpillar tracks to cope with the terrain. Jeroen? Where’s your to do list?   Meet the sheep (and the rest of us!) by joining us on our full accredited Permaculture Design Course more »

  • Trouble!

    I love this photo. Mum Dona plus two sorts of trouble 🙂 These little guys are the remaining pigs from Dona’s litter, enjoying their last days with Mum before Dona rejoins d’Rock (our boar).      

  • Permaculture Design Course photos June 2018

    It’s taken me rather a long time to get these uploaded, but here are my favourite photos from our May/June Permaculture Design Course, with many thanks to the photographers Andy, Josh and David. If you missed this course, we’ve another beginning on 17th August. Please join us then. Details here.

  • Grazing

    Jeroen has been putting in a huge amount of effort over the last weeks to install new fencing which will allow our animals to graze more effectively. We’re not just looking to feed the animals from the land, but use their eating, manuring and treading to actually improve the quality of the soil, the plant more »

  • Hot Day, Cool Pig

    Hot day, hot pig. Cool bath, cool pig.