April Foraging Challenge

Springtime is absolutely my favourite time of year for foraging so I set myself the mini-challenge of cooking with as many foraged foods as possible during April. The majority of items in this album were fresh, but as I preserve a great deal in the plentiful months I have used some stored foraged foods too. I was pretty rubbish at remembering to photograph things (far too keen to eat them!) so this is just a selection.

In these photos the foraged ingredients are blackberries, borage, broom, calendula, carqueja, chickweed, dandelion, dead nettle, elderflower, fat hen, goosegrass, henbit, herb Robert, mallow, navelwort, plantain, purple gromwell, rowan berries, salad burnet, sheep’s sorrel, viper’s bugloss, wild radish and wild rocket.

More wild food ideas, in May’s Foraging Challenge.

Foraged foods is just of the topics we look at during our Practical Self Reliance Experience.



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