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Welcome to Casalinho e Escabelado, in the beautiful mountains of central Portugal. We are Andrea and Jeroen and, together with our boys, this is our home and our dream.

Our adventure began by accident some years ago when we bought a derelict little smallholding in the middle of nowhere. We worked hard on it, experimented, practised our skills, but eventually realised that we wanted more space.

When we outgrew the smallholding we bought Casalinho e Escabelado, which is a much larger quinta (around 10 ha) in need of much love and attention. We are slowly reclaiming the land and now supply most of our own fresh vegetables and fruit. Eggs, milk, cheese, a little meat, much fertility and a lot of enjoyment are provided by our animals. We keep goats, pigs, rabbits, ducks, chickens and pigeons productively, and we’ve got cats and dogs too.

The farmhouse is a work in progress and it’s taking a long time to renovate, but we are getting there! As well as the house and gardens the property contains many hectares of primarily pine forest. We’re gradually clearing these and replanting with more diverse species. One day we hope to keep our pigs there.   

We live a simple life without many of the trappings of modern life, but what we lack in material terms is more than made up for by the satisfaction of shaping and living the life we want. We try to live by the permaculture ethics of earth care, people care and fair shares, and are both working towards the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design.

We’ve had immense help over the years from an ever changing group of international volunteers from all over the world and have hosted around 900 so far! Our volunteers share our lives for a short while, receiving meals and basic accommodation in return for their help with our daily activities and special projects.  If you’d like to join them please get in touch.


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9 responses to “About Casalinho”

  1. Mp Avatar

    Please give me your exact adres in order to see you on a map of Portugal and the best way to go

    1. Andrea Avatar

      You’ll find our address here. We’re midway between the larger towns of Pampilhosa da Serra and Fundao.

  2. Frank Mayo Avatar
    Frank Mayo

    Hi looking to buy ruin in town to build retirement home for the future.
    How is it there.

  3. Ferdinand Shigumha Avatar
    Ferdinand Shigumha

    I’m a Tanzanian Man looking for Volunteering in your organization

  4. Mahesh Avatar

    Came here after watching Beautiful video found on YouTube. ..


    1. Andrea Avatar

      It’s a wonderful video! I’m glad you enjoyed it. We’re so very grateful to the lady who made it for us.

  5. lorena Avatar

    Lovely people

    I am liesealleinunterwegs

    Sorry for writing you

    I love the simply life in big heart from our country

    I am very ill from the German Zilisation and i want heal my broken body and heart

    In Germany i don’t find a pleace for healing because i have bad illness reaction of the chemical life from them it s make me very ill slowly step by step and nobody feel my pain my heart my tears

    Only friends but they can’t help me because there life is from the world in smell chemicals

    I am a very lovely women with big heart believe in God and his nature power

    I love poor life it s bether that reach it makes all finish of life

    The most of German s live a life from high Technology and konsum

    It makes me very sad in tears

    I don’t know if this words coming to you because I see the last post from yours is a long time ago

    Very lovely Greets from me to you all

  6. Lahcen Avatar

    Hey I am in morocco I love to travel to Portugal its been alwayse my dream I like quiet places and I love nature and animals the beauty of life

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